8 Smart Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling in 2020!

by Silvia Novak
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A kitchen is the heart of every home and certainly, one deserves to be surrounded by a clean, hygienic and beautiful space. Because after all, lovely meals should be prepared in a lovely kitchen!

So, if you want to avoid eating out or you want to let the abundance and vibrancy of whole-foods lifestyle fill your kitchen, it’s time to finally upgrade your deteriorating setup.

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling services right here in Northfield NJ, have the real experts, who’d guide you according to your budget; simultaneously, how to make it look stupendous like never before.

So, if you’re thinking – what to consider when remodeling a kitchen, here are a few pointers that would help you understand which area needs more focus to bring out a classier look!

1. Lighting

Lighting plays an integral part in deciding how your kitchen would finally look. A bright kitchen automatically uplifts the interior as well as your mood. Ask your contractor to install warm LED’s, and that would instantly brighten up space.

Similarly, hanging lamps are an addition that looks very trendy. If you’ve noticed, in most cookbooks, and interior décor magazines, smart kitchens have hanging lamps in either one portion or the other.

2. Wall Paper

Always go with the idea of wallpaper when planning on an Affordable Kitchen Remodel. Wallpapers look rich, bold, while some 3D designs bring out more of a modern look. Today, moist resistant wallpapers work incredibly well not because they’re cost-effective but also easy to install, long-lasting and look stunning for years.

3. Textured Wall

Textured paint surely looks like a decorated wall from top to bottom. Hiding stains, bumps and even holes made by nails, it is gaining popularity. The reason is that this type of paint has a heavy consistency, there are some paints having grains of sand or gypsum. These are bound by water-thinned binders. A rough yet 3D patterned effect is finally created on the walls.

Stomp brush and sand swirl are great options to make the walls of your kitchen pop out!

4. Laminate Floor

Sometimes all you need is a lovely floor which helps the entire kitchen to look neat, tidy and fabulous! The laminate floor is one great innovation that is cheap, durable, strong with the best feature that its cleaning is very simple and practical. From beige to reddish-brown to dominant greys, a huge catalog would be placed in front of you to select from.

As this floor is an alternative to wood, each and every color available is unique; and your floor would literally dazzle once laminate is installed!

5. A Large Window

Huge (clear) windows never go out of style. Your architect would be able to tell you better which would allow more skylight and what would complement the setting.

A word of advice here would be that if your kitchen is facing towards a backyard, ask for remote-controlled blinds which is easier in use. Let nature be a part of your kitchen too! Think about how heavenly this scene would look on a serene rainy day! The good news here is, that doing chores will never be boring with such a nice view.

6. Quartz Countertop

Not just it looks chic and impressive, if you want a countertop that looks expensive, you get a wide variety to select from – Arctic white, Babylon grey, Calcutta Classique, Calcutta Lago and so on. Pure white quartz would simply make a stunning backsplash and it won’t chip, look tan or break easily for years to come.

7. Paint Cabinets

As cabinets are the first things that grasp your attention, completely replacing them is only mandatory when they’re used and abused for more than a decade.

If you feel the condition is good, painting them is a great idea. Ask your contractor which color would suit the theme and the floor. Significantly, bold colors like bright red look appealing if the rest of the theme is subtle.

8. Change Knobs & Fixtures

Old, worn out and rusty knobs are not just unsightly but nobody feels cleans once they touch it. Know that hardware makes a huge difference in its own way. Brass knobs, fixtures and even faucet in gold color would truly look divine yet updated!

Responsible Contractor

2020 is the year where you should really consider out of the box ideas while remodeling your kitchen. While DIY’s can only help you make a few cute wall hangings, it is better to consult a pro and let him know your reservations. A responsible contractor would co-operate with you on the basis of his vision, ideas and creativity, you’ll surely have a transformed kitchen that would be your new favorite spot in the house!

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