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Very warm welcome to the About Us section of our site!

How did the Kleen’s Dry Press begin?

When I was a little boy, my main activity after school was to reorder all the decoration and furniture in our family home. I rearranged the living room at least once a month. I changed the look of my room very often. I painted the walls by myself. It was a constant change. My family could not keep up with me because I had millions of ideas in one minute how to decor our house.

At some point, my family was so fed up with constant rearranging the house, that they’ve decided to enroll me in an art and design course. That was a great idea and the course and my teachers helped me to find release in my passion.

When I had to choose the course at the University, I had no doubts- I wanted to become an interior designer. I graduated from University with a Master Degree and on that day I was the happiest man on earth. Actually, I still am because I love what I do every day, and I love my amazing team with whom I work in my company.

Years went by, thanks to my work I met very interesting people. I designed amazing interiors, from very little apartments to luxurious mansions. My career was a success and what is the most important thing for me, my clients were satisfied with my work and their houses.

One day my friend John asked me- Harry, why not to create a platform online where you will share interior ideas and tips with the world?
Till that day I’m very grateful that John asked me that question because I created Kleen’s Dry Press and I’m more than happy to be here.

What can you find at kleenpressdrycleaners.com?

  • – Interior ideas and tips.
  • – Garden inspirations.
  • – Flowers and plants guide.
  • – Tips on how to fix domestic appliances.
  • – Tips on plumbing and reparations.
  • – Furniture and home accessories guide.

And many more!

Additionally, we also provide external links to reliable, well-researched sources in order to give you more valuable content. You can be sure that external links you will find at kleenpressdrycleaners.com are checked and well-suited to our platform.
What is more, we would love to collaborate with home and garden experts who can provide exclusive content for our platform to contribute to Kleen’s Dry Press and to develop our website.
If you have an article already written, please email us through the contact form and we will give you our feedback.

Apart from interior and garden designers and specialists, we also cooperate with plumbers, electrician and house painters to give you the best solutions for your house.

In my opinion, the look of our houses has an enormous impact on our mind and moods. It is scientifically proven that the brighter interior, the more positive vibes in the house and more positive mood. I completely agree with that point.

Even if you do not have a big amount of money, we will show you very simple and easy ways to decorate and change your house and your garden!

Harry S. Wilson

Harry S. Wilson

Hello, I’m Harry S. Wilson and I would like to introduce myself. I’m very lucky because my job is my passion, I’m an interior designer. My mom used to say – ‘When you don’t know how to decorate your house, ask Harry and he will create something beautiful!’ I’m very grateful to my parents for seeing the potential in me and for giving me the opportunity to graduate from University with a Master Degree in Interior Design. I have almost 20 years of experience in design and I’m very excited that I can develop kleenpressdrycleaners.com with Silvia. I specialize in minimalistic and Scandinavian design. I think that the more light you add to your house, the more light you add to your life.

Silvia B. Novak

Silvia B. Novak

Welcome, my name is Silvia B. Novak and I’m very happy that you’re here!
I was born in Prague, Czech Republic but I have lived in the USA for almost all my life. Currently, I’m the main designer in a garden design company in Denver, Colorado.
I have been working as a garden designer for more than 15 years now. My next goal is to help people online at kleenpressdrycleaners.com and to share mine experience with the wider audience.
I work with clients who own small houses or luxury mansions. I specialize in the garden fountains and garden lighting. I also design balconies and roof terraces with amazing plants compositions.

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