Tips For Buying a New Kitchen

by Silvia Novak
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Buying a new kitchen might be a once in a lifetime or a once in a long time deal; either way, it is necessary to make the right decisions. This article will help you know what you need to know about buying a new kitchen. A kitchen is a space of comfort and relaxation, it is not just for cooking. From cooking to entertaining and holding family gatherings. The function of the kitchen in a home is very important.

  • READ: Yes! get those reading glasses out and start reading. Check blogs, websites, brochures, reviews e.t.c. Gathering information on the project of acquiring a new kitchen is the first step toward success. You need to be knowledgeable about the various types of materials available for the cabinet, table tops, flooring, door, windows, fixtures e.t.c. Your knowledge has to be up to date with the latest kitchen designs, trend, and technology. Watch food shows and discuss with skilled professionals.

3D render of a contemporary kitchen

  • SCOPE: Understand how far you are willing to go. This will be necessary when planning your budget and size of your desired kitchen. This should be dependent on how often you cook, the major function that will be carried out in your kitchen. As stated above, the kitchen is not just for cooking; other vital functions like scheduling, family gathering, homework can be done in the kitchen. The type of appliance you use the most can also determine the scope of your kitchen e.g, If you bake more, your budget should contain more baking equipment that other cooking items. Proper planning on the scope of your kitchen will help you know the things that will better serve your purpose and thereby prevent waste. This will also help in your choice of kitchen design. For example, If you will have a regular family gathering, your kitchen will require more sitting space.
  • DESIGN: Selecting a kitchen design must be done with absolute care, calculation, and comparison of the options available. This is because you do not want to buy a kitchen that will be out of date within a short period of time. It is advisable to choose long-standing designs that are still relevant. New trends have a high risk of getting out of date faster as more improvement and design are being added on a regular basis. To have a kitchen that will still be appreciated in years, do not choose a design that has not passed the test of time. The kitchen is not just a place for meals but it also brings comfort, there should, therefore, be a balance in your need for fashion and durability.

3D render of a contemporary kitchen

  • BUDGET: This is very a very important part of the planning and it can be said to be the very backbone of the planning process. As discussed earlier, timeless kitchen design is budget friendly, although it might be quite expensive the life span makes it a good investment. While budgeting, you can opt for two designs with two different budget, this will prepare you in case of a fund shortage or change in plan. It will also help to reduce excesses and manage funds. Always choose quality over beauty, beauty is also important but should be considered secondary to quality as some product might have a good finishing but poor quality.
  • MANPOWER: The new kitchen you desire can be installed by you or a professional. Construction of the kitchen by yourself will require a consultation with a trained professional to learn vital tips that will ensure the success of the project. It will also help you ask a question and require clarification in the aspect of the construction that may prove difficult. Some appliance can be installed without the help of a professional, they often have an instruction guide that makes it easy to install. You can also patronize companies that offer installation services. A professional can be hired via a recommendation from your family and friends. You can also hire a professional by running on-line checks. Always request for references or pictures or previous works. This will help you know what to expect and make demands in areas you find less desirable. Request for a budget and compare the prices of materials online and the local stores in your area. The constructor must be able to finish the project within the agreed time frame.
  • QUALITY: The need for quality materials and equipment cannot be over-emphasized. Check for density and thickness of kitchen items. The materials used to make the cabinets, sink, counter-tops, fixtures e.t.c. must be of high quality to ensure durability. The materials purchased must have a warranty and a realistic price ( not too cheap and not too expensive). An appliance like a fridge, dishwasher e.t.c. should be given due consideration. The size and type should be dependent on the size and function of your kitchen. Choosing product brands that are well known for their effectiveness and with lots of reviews is the best option. Quality should not be ensured in equipment alone, the kitchen furniture should be strong and made of quality material to avoid accidents from poor structures.
  • RELAX: Yes!, that is the final tip. Relax!. do not rush your decision-making process, take your time to plan, compare prices, quality of materials, designs e.t.c Take notes always to ensure you are well equipped and prepared for the project before commencement.
  • OTHER TIPS: ensure there is a good light source in your new kitchen, a good power source, safety precaution materials, enough casual space, and workspace.

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