Know the Steps in Choosing the Perfect Dining Table

by Harry Wilson
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Dining time is the only time we get these days to meet the whole family; some unfortunate ones don’t have this time too. Earlier in the olden days, though dining tables were not there, people used to meet up for the dinner as a family and share the ups and downs of the day.

For those who make it a habit to have dinner together or even the breakfast, then we hope you have the best things in place before you get set to meet the most important people in your lives, each day! Yes, you may even use them for your child’s study or play time! Conversations, food and accessories, the table to make everything happen perfectly!

We have experienced and seen many people buying a dining table that pleases their eyes that bring them a feeling of classy from outside. But in reality, how should one choose a table, which is a main centerpiece for the home, obviously nobody can change a table often and on a whim.

Here are some pointers that can help you in making the right choice and the perfect investment that doesn’t need too many premiums in the name of maintenance and replacement.

The shape of the table:

table set on wooden dinning table

With the shape, rectangular table tops the charts, with more people coming in this shape. It isn’t without a reason, most of the dining areas are rectangular in shape, and it matches well. You can reach to people easily with a rectangular table, given the standard widths. In case you want to serve more, more people always then you might want to buy a wider table, which might take up more space.

Round tables are the next in trend, they will never make anyone feel sitting at the end. If you are looking tables to create conversations, then this is the perfect one. Everyone is at an accessible distance and talks and food go hand in hand. They do enter the room easily, without any troubles. The only drawback is that if there are more people, above 6, then there is no intimacy.

Oval tables too are almost the same as round, but they are a little wider and enter any small room easily. They come with softer lines.

Square tables are sort of a perfect solution. In case you are looking for a table for a bigger space, the square table will fit perfect, occupying bigger space! In case you are looking for a smaller table, then remember the chairs would be a little obstruction, as they won’t go in completely.

Size of the table:

table set on wooden dinning table

Based on the room size, the table size has to be decided. The basic thumb rule is to have a gap of 90cm from any object to eth table, to ensure smooth movement. There must be space for the people to move in and out of the table without squeezing much.

In case there are more people, then try to get a drop leaf table. The height of the table to varies; ensure that you check up on it before making the payments. Modern tables come in a standard height of 76cm, while few traditional antique ones might be a little higher. It matters when you choose the chairs for them.

The material of the table

Close up the Interior of cozy dinning room in modern design with dining table, comfortable chairs and vase on glass table.

With a lot of modernization, people prefer going light and stylish. But, if you are looking at something that will stand the test of time and still retains the look, then wood is the best material to go with.

There are many types in the same, like engineered timber, mahogany, oak, and gum. Though engineered timber is the cheapest of all, they never fall in a day. If you are a little confused, then we recommend that you opt for solid woods, which never fail over time,

Glass tables are trending with its stylish design and its look that adds to the home. but, it is very difficult to maintain the glass table and all the stains that make it look duller every passing day.


There are contemporary, traditional, and transitional and industry styles of tables.

  • Traditional is the most commonly used style, made from dark timber usually.
  • Contemporary is the stylish ones that can be customized. Comes in wood, with sleek lines, or even with strong wood and glass top!
  • Transitionally is between both the above, that matches pretty well anywhere.
  • Industry style combines wood and metal for a bold look that works well for the purpose.

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