How to Clean Your Glass Railing

by Harry Wilson
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Glass railings can be an elegant addition to a house as they will seamlessly blend in with any style. When used indoors, they’ll create a bright and airy atmosphere in your home and the outside usage of deck or juliet balcony railings will guarantee great, unobstructed views. While the maintenance of such railings isn’t very demanding if you want to keep the visual effect flawless, you’ll have to remember to clean the glass every now and then.


Cleaning glass railings

To maintain a polished look to your handrail, remember to dust it regularly. All you need is a soft cloth or an old newspaper and you’ll get rid of all the accumulated dirt in no time.

Wash the glass

Glass railings

Even though dusting is fine, as a regular cleaning method it will not be enough for bigger stains. Once in a while, you’ll have to properly wash the railings.

Don’t use tap water when cleaning the glass. Hard water contains minerals which may ruin and scratch the surface. If you’re not sure whether your water will be adequate, it’s safer to use filtered or distilled water.

Use vinegar or liquid soap solutions to gently scrub the railing. In case of a harder to clean dirt, e.g. bird droppings, let it soak for a moment first, since using force may create scratches on the glass.

Wipe with a newspaper. As newspapers are lint-free, you won’t have to worry about the residue left. Go for newspaper pages without much print on them to avoid leaving marks on the glass.

Glass railings will serve their purpose for many years with the minimal effort put into their maintenance. Cleaning them is an easy task which doesn’t take much time nor money but will guarantee great results.

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