Cook Healthily With Environmental Friendly Kitchen Appliances

by Harry Wilson
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One of the essentials of technological advancements is that it continues to look for ways in which human life can be made easier and safer. This is also taking effect on household appliances, particularly in the kitchen. There are more kitchen appliances geared towards energy-saving, time-saving and stress saving ways of cooking. It’s not just enough to have meals prepared within minutes, it is important to have them save as much energy as possible so as to keep the environment conducive for habitation. This is because these appliances do have a way in which the effect the ecosystem. In recent times, appliances come with the energy star logo on their stickers to show that it utilizes lesser energy in its operation. Before an appliance can have the energy logo on its sticker, it must utilize between 10% and 66% less energy than other competing models and still retain excellent quality. Appliances of this nature are referred to as environment-friendly appliances.

So when you are looking to purchase a new kitchen appliance, please lookout for the following kinds of appliances:

Induction Stoves And Ovens

Metal Pot on induction hob in modern kitchen. modern kitchen pot cooking induction electrical stove hob concept

In stoves and ovens, please look out for ‘induction stoves’. The induction stove has an induction coil in it of which, when a stainless steel pot is placed on the stove, it attracts the molecules in the pot, hence producing heat. The only condition to which this works effectively is in using iron pots. Glass pots cannot work with this mechanism, so do aluminum pots produce far lesser results. The way the induction stove works is that it only heats up the pot on top of it. Other external materials are unaffected by the heat. In rating, induction stoves have as high as 84% efficiency rate which is twice higher than that of gas cookers. They are not only safe, but induction stoves are also very fast as well.


Hybrid Solar Ovens

There are actually two types of solar ovens; Total solar ovens and the Hybrid solar ovens. It is firstly important to note that solar ovens reach a temperature of over 300 degrees. Total solar ovens as the name imply works exclusively with solar energy, that is sunlight. However, the Hybrid type works with both solar energy and electrical energy. The solar energy is its primary source, while electrical energy is its alternative source.


Freezer And Fridge

Young caucasian  boy open the fridge looking for something to eat

When you go to buy your cooling systems, it is important to look for energy-saving ones. Firstly, you must understand that the side by side refrigerators tend to consume about 10% more energy than the top and bottom version. Also, as exciting as ice makers look, you should opt against buying them; they use up a lot of electrical energy in producing the ice. Refrigerators tend to take up a larger chunk of your electricity bills. Make sure you also ignore the automatic heaters and defrosters. The most important tip when trying to get a refrigerator is the energy sticker; they tell you how much energy is consumed by each refrigerator model.


Dish Washers

Modern spacioius beige colored luxury kitchen, dishwasher door open

In looking for an energy-saving dishwasher, please opt for the ones that have the booster heaters alongside the on and off electric dryer feature because the average dishwasher uses almost half the energy that washing manually uses.

Also, the large motor dishwasher is your best bet if you are looking to save as much energy because the large motor does ensure the dishwasher does not wash the dishes a second time. Besides, the small motor does not come with the spray power that is needed for extremely dirty dishes.

Finally, always look out for the water efficient dishwashers. These types have sensors that estimate how dirty the dishes really are. They minimize water usage by as much as half when compared with regular dishwashers.

There’s no gainsaying that the environment-friendly appliances are relatively more expensive than the regular ones but in the long run, the amount which could have been spent on extra utility bills will be recouped. Also, the government also offers tax credits on energy-saving appliances. Do well to utilize this information when next you are out to get yourself a new kitchen appliance and you will be glad you did!

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