Creative Ways to Deck Your Garden

by Harry Wilson
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A dreck can make your garden that much more pleasant to spend time with. While feeling the grass beneath your feet is all well and good, there are times in which you will need some space. With so many reliable companies offering decking in Edinburgh, it’s easy to get one that will truly match your home. Still, a company can only carry out our wishes – what you need first is an interesting idea for your deck! Here are a couple creative ways to deck your garden you might not have thought of.

Add a mini-gazebo

Mini gasebo in the garden

Gazebos are great. With a roof over your head, you can spend time outside even when it’s raining, your poker game uninterrupted unless something really big happens. Still, sometimes gazebos are just built much too far away from your home, and you just can’t be bothered to make that distance. The solution? Get a gazebo on your deck! You’ll stay even drier and you won’t have to walk that far. What’s not to love?

Hot tub fun

Aerial view of couple in jacuzzi


If you want your deck to be the ideal party spot, consider incorporating a hot tub. A great choice for those chilly late summer nights, it’s a fun place to relax, enjoy a good drink, and mingle with some  great company. And there’s hardly a better place for one than a deck.


Window canopies

Sometimes you may want to use your deck for sunbathing, but at other times it’s just better to cover things up. If you’re not completely decided on what you want, there’s no need to commit to all-roofing or no roofing – with a canopy or awning, you get to decide when and how much of your deck gets to be shaded from the harsh sunlight.

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