What to Remember About Designing Your Living Room

by Harry Wilson
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It’s safe to say the living room is quite an important area of your home. It’s where you rest, spend time with loved ones and do all sorts of other things that can broadly be described as living. Because of this, there is a lot of thought that should go into designing one of these rooms, as it’s their form that is at the same time the biggest function. After all, it’s harder to relax if you’re surrounded by what feels like pure chaos. And so we’ve prepared a bite-sized set of tips for designing your living room.

Establishing a focal point

Whether it’s a television set, a fireplace, or a large window, establishing a focal point and ensuring that all your other furniture is arranged in a way that brings it out is one of the easiest and most effective ways of establishing a living room’s character. It makes for a nice, sleek end result that can’t really be replicated any other way.

Luxurious living room furnitureLuxurious living room furniture

Furniture placement


A lot depends on how you decide to arrange your furniture. For example, it’s good idea to group pieces together to form conservation areas, rather than just turn your living room into one large open space. Whatever you do, never set up all your furniture against the wall, as you’ll simply make the whole place seem overwhelming, and no amount of high gloss living room furniture will help you. Finally, keep traffic flow in mind – style is important, but if you need to jump through hoops only to get to the other end of the room, something is wrong.


Couches, coffee tables, and chairs are all a given, but it’s really the accessories that make a living room feel homey. Artwork, window decorations, tablecloths – pick these out carefully and stick to a theme and you’ll have a nice, comfy interior with little to no effort.

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