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by Rafal
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You must have seen many coffee table books and home décor magazines, showing exotic homes of celebrities with fantastic out of the world furniture. We all would love to own something similar. You will see these pieces on the wish list of most people as the designs are everlasting and genuine. Do not think that these are out of your league. Now many stores are selling fantastic, classic furniture created with genuine materials and attention to detail.

We realize your quest for good quality and use only the best kind of wood and other material in our furniture. If you are planning to buy an elegant piece of furniture for your beautiful home, then it is important to know a little more about the kind of wood that is used commonly in furniture.

Oak is a hardwood with a tough grain and is hugely used in furniture for its beautiful rustic and elegant look.

Teak is a tropical wood that grows very tall. It is found in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. It is easy to use and durable so is preferred. It has a higher content of natural oils that makes it durable and resistant to insects. It is easy to carve and shape and contains a lovely tight grain. People like to have outdoor furniture created out of this wood.

Ash is very similar to oak, but is cheaper so many people often use it as a substitute. It is durable and is easy to work with. It is used for panel work due to its smoothness.

One of the most adaptable woods is Maple. It is used in furniture, musical instruments, kitchen paraphernalia and more. The wood is very strong and long-lasting and has an elegant appearance.

Modern living room

Apart from wood, there are many other components that go into creating a beautiful piece of furniture. Rubber, glass, resin and gum, steel and plastic and many other varieties of material are used in creating one piece of furniture. The ultimate outcome should be durable and sturdy. Above all, it should be elegant and fit in with décor and the theme of the room and home. It should not look out of place. You must realize that the ultimate aim of any furniture is to provide comfort to you and your family. It may be the most beautiful piece in the room but if it’s not comfortable then it is worthless. Its functionality is the supreme criterion.

If you know about the kind of material that goes into making any furniture, then it is easy to find what suits your requirements. You need to decide the material and design based upon the location of furniture. If you want chairs for your lawn or patio or a set of cabinets for your dining room, you can choose the right piece depending upon the material and its functionality.

We can illustrate with an example here. The dining table is always prominently placed in any house. The entire family and their friends converge there many times a day to share a meal and spend most of the talking. Most conversations happen around a meal. People like to use glass, wood or marble as the top of the table. 

A glass top can match any kind of décor in the room. It matches any upholstery as well. Being transparent, it also helps to illuminate the room and makes it look more cheerful. Today break resistant, scratch resistant and safety glasses have made it easy to use. Our pick is this round glass dining table. Though in huge houses people have large rectangular dining tables, but in most medium size houses it is easier to use a round table. It is a classic design that creates a cosy setting for the family to sit around and share a meal. 

This way you can choose the best suited furniture from Archers for your house.  If it is going to be outside in the yard, then buy something that can withstand winds and rains. But for the warm interiors of your home choose beautiful upholstery in colours that you like and that match the rest of the décor. You can experiment with a fusion of modern designs with classic comfort. Choose carefully and then enjoy its comfort for years to come. 

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