Advice from HGTV’s Biggest Stars

by Harry Wilson
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HGTV shows give us a glimpse of the home buying and home renovating process, but behind the scenes, there is so much more going on. We see the tight budgets and unexpected challenges in each episode but what we don’t see is the research and full timeline of each project. Flipping a house or even redecorating a home is a lot more work than the 30-minute episodes lead on. 

From the Property Brothers to the Gaines family, the home professionals on HGTV have learned how to turn a home project into a successful makeover and built their home empires doing it. These stars are more than handy—they are smart business owners who know how to run a project. Take a note from their successes as you take on your next project, whether it’s fixing something up around the house or starting your own business. 


The Zebra pulled together expert advice from HGTV stars to inspire you to create a home you love. This fun infographic highlights eight lessons on the success that will teach you how to run a project, start to finish. From real estate to interior design, you can take on your project with the confidence and preparation of a true professional. 

How to Transform Your Home

  1. Seek inspiration

The first step to every project is finding your inspiration. Whether you search through home magazines or use pictures from your latest travels, start piecing together your ideal space with inspiration images. 


  1. Make a plan

Once you know what you want to achieve, start planning out how you’ll get there. If this means redecorating your spare bedroom, plan out what items you need, your budget, and the timeline for when you want it completed. 


  1. Hire the right people

You may choose to DIY your entire project but if you want to call in some extra help, make sure you take time to find the right people. A contractor, professional organizer, and interior designer all have unique skills. You just need to find the best person for the job. 


  1. Do the prep work

Sometimes it helps to start with a blank canvas and other times it’s better to be a little further along. Determines what’s best for your project and put in the time and work to start off on the right track. It may mean sanding down wood, applying slipcovers to furniture, or putting painter’s tape around your home. Set yourself up for success by doing it right!


  1. Sharpen your skills

If you are taking on a DIY project, do a few practices run first. This might mean applying a sample stroke of paint to your wall before moving forward with the whole can or testing out your saw skills on scrap wood first. Just remember, practice makes perfect.


  1. Watch your budget

Home projects can add up quickly so be aware of your expenses. You also may need to leave padding for unexpected costs like faulty plumbing work or foundation issues. 


  1. Don’t give up

It can be tempting to throw in the towel after some mistakes and frustrations but your transformation is just around the corner. Hang in there and call in for some extra support if you need it. 


  1. Prioritize quality

Cutting corners may get the job done faster, but it may not last. Your home is an important aspect of your life and it needs to be taken care of in the right way. 




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