How to Clean Every Type of Pot and Pan

by Harry Wilson
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Did you know you should be cleaning every piece of cookware differently depending on its material? When you use an abrasive sponge on the wrong type of pot, you risk degrading the lifecycle of your favorite kitchen tool!

When you follow these helpful steps for cleaning pots and pans from Kitchen Cabinet Kings, not only will you extend the longevity of your cookware, but you’ll boast sparkling tools to cook your amazing dishes in.

Baking soda and dish soap can get even the greasiest stains out of glass cookware. These pans are safe to wash in the dishwasher or by hand.

Baking soda will easily come to the rescue for these pans. Mix with water into a paste for hard-to-clean stains, or wash with a soft sponge under hot water and dish soap for normal wear.

You should clean these pots directly after use. Do not let this type of metal soak, as it will lead to pitting. Best cleaned using a mild soap and soft sponge.

Chemical products can cause pitting on this cookware, so it’s safest to clean using warm water and mild soap.

Season your pan before use by pouring oil on your cast iron, heating the pan, and then wiping the excess oil away.

Let your pan cool completely before cleaning. For hard to clean stains, use baking soda on the surface and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Complete the process by washing the baking soda away with hot water.

Clean the outside of your pot with a combination of lemon juice and baking soda or vinegar and salt. Do not scrub this pot with an abrasive brush.

Baked on grease and burnt residue are no match for your newfound cleaning arsenal! With these tips, you’ll have the kitchen of your dreams and sparkling cookware to match.

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