Learn The Art Of Living With Nature – Gardening

by Harry Wilson
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Gardens, of course, take a comparatively larger space in your living area but they do not come with specifications. You can even convert a dry land into a green filled space provided you have the basic interest in it and take all necessary steps to mold the soil there which has so far seen only drought and dryness. It is, of course, a big challenge to convert it into green heaven but nothing is impossible.

With the growing need for greenery and plants everywhere, the business of the nurseries and plant sellers is becoming equally important and successful like our groceries. Even the malls and big shops are making space for these floral species in their commercial area; then why not our houses? It is in fact very important for everybody to separate a section of their house for these plants. The shrubs and plants should be given a membership at home.

It is an exotic experience to live with nature. You can learn so much from it apart from the health benefits they can offer you. It is not necessary that you should have only flower-bearing plants in your lawn but even make it a home garden making space for fruits and vegetables among the flowers.

Listen to the plants talking to you

Plants are mute speakers. A constant watch on them will reveal so much about their world. Every stage of their growth depends on how the owner treats them. They tend to grow healthily only if they are happily maintained by the gardener. They actually do not demand anything except a small portion from your busy routine life and some water every day. With just this much, they can give you happiness and joy twice the times. Sitting amongst these plants, that too in your garden and spending some time with them will bring solace to the soul and there you will be able to understand life better. Many unquestioned answers will find a solution here in this silence. Hear these plants sing and talk to you; speak to them, watch them respond to you, surprisingly. It is definitely a sight to watch them smile and respond to all that you ask them.

Innovative Ideas for a colorful flowery garden

Female farmer replanting tomato seedlings

There is no particular time for gardening. Each day, each season is favorable for one or the other plant. So it is never late if you are planning to start gardening today. The only problem in gardening is getting the thought of doing it otherwise there are absolutely no troubles in this. All you have to do is first make your soil fertile and fit to hold these beautiful plants. Nourish it with essential nutrients so that it can retain water and feed the plants better improving their health. Choose the right place for planting your shrubs and the best would be the most viewed place so that you can enjoy their beauty always or a place visible from anywhere inside the house. Some useful and innovative suggestion for arranging your flower-bearing plants are:

  • Do not be hasty in bringing in more plants to your garden. Start just with a few and once you feel that the soil is able to support them properly, plan to bring in more. Try planting the same colored flowers or try mixing different shades of a color. This will give an even look to your garden. Another better option could be mixing complementary colored plants like purple and yellow, orange and blue, etc… White is a universal color and goes well with any shade. So keep those to border your garden. Apart from adding beauty it will enhance and add elegance to the other bright colored flowers.
  • Plant saplings according to seasons. Research the gardening skill and try to gain knowledge about the various plants and shrubs and their suitable climates and seasons for growth. Make your decisions accordingly and then design your garden. This will help to keep the plants healthy and will also reduce your efforts in nourishing them often.
  • Understand the energy requirements of each plant in your garden and make space for them accordingly. There are few plants that cannot stand sun for a longer time, so it would be ideal to have them under the shade where they will get enough solar energy as well as a protection from the staunch rays. There are few plants that are heat-resistant and will stand long without drooping even when summers are at peak. So such plants need no specifications and can find a place easily anywhere in your garden.
  • Make space for the taller ones either at the back row or in the middle and make them visible from all sides. This will give a leveled look to the garden. Also, ensure to provide enough space between the plants and avoid planting them in clusters.
  • Avoid planting saplings in a single file or row making them look aloof. Also, do not mix different colored plants in a single place which will look congested.
  • Remember to prepare your soil to stand for a longer period that can hold and nourish your plant throughout a particular season. Also, do not forget to use weed preventers and insecticides that are essential to safeguard this beautiful floral world from the harmful insects.

Red Lily blossom beautiful in the garden spring season.

Tips to maintain a healthy garden

  • Water the plants regularly.
  • Nourish them with essential nutrients and try to keep them healthy and happy.
  • Keep them away from weeds and insects by protecting them with natural insecticides without disturbing the livelihood of bees and butterflies.
  • Keep changing the soil once in a while to nourish and retain the nutrients in them. A dead soil will suck back all the healthy nutrients from the plant resulting in the death of the plant. The plant will also stop bearing flowers and fruits.
  • Give them enough shade and sunshine. This is very essential because chlorophyll is very important to retain greenery in them at the same time too much heat can kill certain plants.

Gardening requires patience; nothing can happen overnight. Give it the best and it will give you the best.

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