Log Houses and Eco Houses

by Harry Wilson
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The eco-house is an environmentally low-impact house designed and built using technology and materials that reduce its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs. Eco houses are extremely popular in today’s market. Of course, everybody wants to live in an eco-house but there are some things that everybody should know. For example, you know how to recycle and use 30-degree wash cycle, you should not keep the tap running when brushing your teeth or washing your dishes.

More and more people try to carry out a healthy lifestyle and to live in eco houses. Over the last years, the demand for eco homes increased significantly. This is because, in today’s fast-moving world, a lot of people want to live in a sturdy, durable, warm, and environmentally friendly house. It can be just a simple residential log cabin, a luxury log house or a low-energy house.

Log houses

Let’s talk about the log houses and the advantages they have. Today people can find the variety of log houses and the building companies are trying to build environmentally friendly log houses for those people who want to live healthier. Of course, there are some more specific reasons for living in a log house. For example, wood has been used ever since human started to build a shelter for itself. Log houses are eco-friendly houses because the main construction materials are renewable. Trees such as spruce, pine or cedar are used to build these log houses. Nowadays, all the log houses are built from top quality materials so don’t be afraid of wind, frost or rain. You will definitely have a safe, sturdy, durable, long-lasting, sturdy, and warm house. As today’s consumers try to live healthier, log houses are coming back to our lives.

Log houses

Log houses give an opportunity to live in healthier houses. What is more, the log houses have a lot of advantages such as curb appeal, noise reduction, energy efficiency, fire resistance, cooling and heating costs.

Now let’s talk about the eco-houses. Ecohouse has a plan to conserve energy by eliminating energy wasters. The example of conserving energy is turning off the lights when you leave the room. What is more, usually the eco-house has geothermal heating and growing plants on the roof to regulate temperature and to produce oxygen. The eco-house can also have a wind turbine, solar panels, and glass that has 2 or 3 layers with gas in between to prevent heat loss. What is more, eco-house is a realization of energy efficiency – sometimes you just need to change out the windows or to add solar panels. Making your home eco-friendly may include those items but there are other low-cost items that you can implement rather easily.

Log houses

If you want to live in the eco-house, here are a few easy to implement tips. Maybe you leave your blender, microwave or toaster plugged in all the time? You should unplug most of your appliances. If you’re thinking that you can not unplug your microwave because it has a clock on it, just look around your kitchen and see how many clocks you see from your kitchen.

You should also save your old bath towels and use them for regular cleaning instead of paper towels. Of course, you should also use plastic dishware that can be reused instead of the paper plates throughout the summer for the BBQ’s or picnics. What is more, water your lawn less often and when you mow, raise the blade a bit so you do not cut the grass as short. This will keep your lawn healthier longer.

You should also use an energy-saving setting on major appliances like the washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and other. You can also save energy with the various cooling, heating, and drying settings they offer. What is more, you can change the filters in the air conditions, furnaces or heat pumps – the airflow is kept clear and the system can work better.

There are a lot of easy tips for log house owners. All these tips allow you to be more eco-friendly. Have fun with it and make it a game.

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