Handling And Maintenance Of Your Furniture

by Silvia Novak
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Furniture is the most important part of our lives and our houses. Some of these are used on a daily basis and some are used occasionally. But, no matter how frequently we use, it is very important to handle them with care and must maintain them properly so that they can last for a longer duration. After all, you pay a good amount of money while purchasing, thus, you must try to keep it well maintained to avoid any damage to your furniture.

Before explaining what all is required to maintain your furniture, it is important to understand the factors that can cause damage to these items.

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Factors Responsible For Damages

  • One of the common factors that can affect your furniture is lighting. Light can actually cause discoloration and fading. Usually, the color coatings can degrade because of bright lights. These can be a permanent damage irrespective of the material whether it is wooden, leather or upholstery textiles.
  • Another environmental factor which can cause damage is relative humidity. With humidity rising or falling, furniture made of wood tends to absorb water which can cause swelling or desorbed water causing shrinking of the furniture. In fact, it can expand or contract unevenly. Such fluctuations in humidity can distort your furniture and you might face issues regarding fittings too. Even the coatings can deteriorate.
  • You must keep a check on insects too because insects can spoil your furniture within a short span. Insects like ants, termites, powder post beetle or carpenter bees can cause severe damages to your furniture.
  • Even rodents can cause deterioration of the furniture.
  • Even dust can spoil the entire look of the furniture items.

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How to Maintain Your Furniture

  • If you have wooden furniture then you can clean it by using warm water with some mild dish soap. Make sure that you do not soak it else water is absolutely fine for cleaning the furniture. You can wipe off the surface using a towel or a soft cloth.
  • Also, you can use an old toothbrush for removing the dirt which is tough to clean with a cloth. For any stain, it is better to clean immediately so that it requires less effort to remove it.
  • High-Quality soft paste wax can be used to protect the furniture after it is cleaned properly. This is applied as a thin coating layer and after a few minutes, with a soft brush, it needs to be polished lightly. After half an hour, polish it again. This will result in a beautiful shine which will be durable enough for the next few months.
  • Since already mentioned above that light can also cause discoloration. Thus, try to avoid keeping your furniture directly under sunlight. During summers, even the sun rays coming through a window can also have high intensity.
  • You would have often noticed a white hazy spot created from the teacup or if you place a box of hot pizza on the table. This can be removed by rubbing some mild abrasive on it. Abrasive such as baking soda mixed with non-gel toothpaste or ashes and cooking oil mixed together can be used to rub such white spots with the help of fingers or with a soft cloth.

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  • Even with the help of a vacuum cleaner, dust can be removed from settling on your couch or table. Dusting is very essential and you must clean the dust on a daily basis or at least 2-3 times in a week. A feather duster can also be helpful in cleaning a large surface area.
  • For preventing insects such as termites from destructing your furniture, you can use medicinal treatments available. Some of the things like lime juice, vinegar, olive oil or linseed oil that are easily available at home can also be used to clean furniture. This can save you some money and also you can have shining furniture.
  • In case, if you have leather furniture, then you must be very careful as leathers are very vulnerable to grease, dust, dirt, perspiration, smoke, etc. This can destroy the leather and discolor it. And if its maintenance is neglected then these toxins can affect the quality of the leather fibers. It will lose its flexibility as well as cracks will appear. This will make the leather hard.

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