Round Modern-Wooden Dining Tables

by Silvia Novak
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Traditional dining room tables have changed very little since their days in the medieval banquet halls where the ‘head of the table’ sat dictating his commands to the rest of his soldiers. Rectangular in shape, these traditional tables suited the order of families and (not always mutually exclusive) armies of people ready to do battle.

Fast forward a few hundred years, and modern-day dining room tables often have a similar format. Perhaps the ‘head of the table’ has changed gender or is less assertive in their position, but there is a reason as to why the figurative phrase has survived throughout multiple generations. This begs the question, why has this happened, and is there an alternative?

Dinner time, just like other times of the day, should involve a family who is equal in status and no-one feels like they are inferior to others. Whilst rectangular tables are beneficial in that they allow people to have their own divided, unique space within which to place their cutlery and systematically eat, we have designed a collection of circular tables using the finest modern-wood products (primarily oak) in which to do so. Using the highest quality of oak wood, we retain the authentic traditions, retaining nature’s place in the dining room whilst blending more modern-day concepts such as equality and socialized eating.

Round table

Round tables enable families to sit around and discuss their daytimes socially. In a modern-day era where technology often takes over living rooms and consumes teenagers wherever they are, dinner time is potentially the only time and place where families can commune and discuss things together. Round tables are ideal for this purpose, as everyone views one another equally. Having to share space, family members are forced to speak and communicate with one another, to make the whole process work. In short, circular tables bring the family together as one. Our range of circular tables includes the following products:

Circular dining room tables

Dinning room table

Easily our most popular choice of circular furniture, our dining room tables have been designed to allow you to eat meals with a sociable feel in mind. Using the highest quality oak products, our modern-wood tables give your dining room an authentic, traditional feel, whilst providing an interesting alternative to the standard, rectangular dining room tables of old.

With a range of different sizes, our oak tables suit a range of dining rooms across the world, from the largest banquet-style halls to smaller rooms; or those that suit an open plan kitchen diner. Our customers love the way in which our circular tables fold up – giving you that much needed extra space, particularly when entertaining. As they fold into a smaller, rectangular shape, they provide an additional purpose in that they can be used to hold drinks or other items when required.

Table and chair for dinner decoration interior of room

Circular conservatory tables

When you have finally built and decorated that new conservatory, you will want to fill it with some attractive furniture to really put the cherry on the cake! When the weather is nice, you can invite your friends round for tea and coffee whilst resting in luxury. The majority of our circular conservatory tables are made from pine which produces a high-quality modern appearance, whilst also displaying the natural wood from whence they came.

Some of our other tables are made from hardwoods (mainly birch or maple hardwood) which enables you to re-paint them as you wish. This means that however you choose to design your conservatory, you can show off your creative talents by re-painting your table to suit your tastes.

Whichever table you choose, our collection of conservatory tables allow you and your guests to relax around a less formal circular table, and can easily be placed next to a conservatory sofa to create an even more luxurious setting.

Circular tables for children

Naturally, children love to play ‘house’ and other games where they create their own domestic households, using traditional household objects. One such object tables. Whether they use them for pretend tea parties, or to cook pretend meals for their friends, our range of circular tables suits them perfectly.

Children playing in the living room

When children are playing, you need to ensure that they do so in a safe environment. Rectangular tables are not always a safe option; when children jump up in a rush, it is too easy for them to knock the corners of the table and severely damage themselves. Circular tables remove this risk very simply: they have no corners!

Whilst it might seem like fun to witness your children at the ‘head’ of the table, bossing around their friends, this could lead to bad habits, particularly as they grow up. Circular tables promote equality as everyone is in an equal position at the table. Breed equality at an early age, by purchasing a product from our range of children’s tables.

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